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Balloon Festival

I've never seen Hot Air Balloons up close before! I even got to ride in one for the first time! What an experience that was. The average Hot Air Balloon weighs over 800 pounds and can fly as high as 50,000 feet!! WOW! 

It was a gorgeous day for this festival to happen! There were hundreds of people at this festival and the best part of it all was...  When they blew the balloons up, the crowd was absolutely silent! Everyone is in amazement! It was so breath-taking to see! Definitely a very memorable moment. 

Have you guys ever seen or been in a hot air balloon before? Let me know your experience! 

Museum of Art

Every single art museum is different. It's so interesting how each artist views art.

How they all create something so different and unique, but beautiful at the same time. When I was younger, I really didn't see what art was, as I grow older, I understand it more and appreciate it to a whole other level. Then again, we don't need to understand what art really is. That's what makes it ART. 

A Little Flower Garden

The PEAK of spring is one of the most beautiful times! Everything coming back to life from the cold winter months.. Seeing nature take its place again.

It's a little tough since I get the worst allergies in the springtime.. But it's honestly so WORTH IT to be out doors seeing flowers bloom, little animals growing up - It is all so amazing to watch happen! The best piece of advice I can give you, is to take a moment to notice the little things that life offers. You'd be surprised on how much you are missing out.. It'll brighten up your day I promise you.. 



People always say you can never be bored in NYC - Well it's true! I've been recently and it's quite the place to be.. There's so much to see and do, it's crazy!  It can all be a tad overwhelming at first I might admit, but you then become well-adjusted after a while! If you love the city life, you're at the right place. 

The smells of the city, the people of the city, the architecture of the city, - Everything is so interesting and fascinating. I feel as if I am a little ant in the middle of everything as it all happens. Everyone is going somewhere. It's amazing how so many people are in one place all at once. Something is always happening in NYC. 

So if you haven't been to New York yet, you are missing out on some beauty.. Take a trip and see for yourself.. 


We all have days where we feel more confident than others. But how do we stay consistently confident? Days where we are down in the dumps, or feeling confused and numb.. How do we break these moods and keep our heads high? I mean we are only human and can't help but to have bad days.. But I am going to give 5 helpful tips to improve the confidence instilled with you and your day-to-day life. 


I'm a pretty positive person most of the time but I do have my days too of course.. What really helps me is to think how blessed I am with everything I have. And I'm not really talking about materialistic things, but our family, being healthy, the good friends around us, our wonderful memories, our house, food, transportation, etc.. These things are common sense, but we tend to forget the most IMPORTANT things right in front of us in our lives that truly matter. So when I start to feel down about something, I think of how lucky I am and it totally changes my mood. 

Also, one of the BIGGEST tips of advice is, YOU are WHAT you expose yourself to. You are WHAT you hang around. If you hang with smokers and complainers, then the odds of you becoming one of them is likely.. If you expose yourself around people who are successful and positive people, then you'll most likely become this way too! It's as simple as that! 


Us girls, tend to be a little harder on ourselves and put pressure on everything we do... But I think it's CRUCIAL that we compliment one another and even ourselves. When I see a girl with a cute dress I comment something to her about it! Girl's take pride and so it's nice to hear it from other fellow females. I feel happy knowing I made someone smile, and you'll feel the same way! You might make someone's day. :-) 

Also, tell yourself all the good you've done so far in your life.. Yes the past too! My mom used to tell me, look in the mirror every morning and think of at least 5 things you LIKE about yourself. And then 5 things you want to change and grow from. We as people are always changing. Each year we mature and learn. 


Smiling is the best thing EVER! We all feel better laughing and smiling! A smile will switch your bad mood into a good mood in no time! Turn that frown upside down. :-) 


A lot of people today feel like they need to dress like everyone else and wear what's in magazines to impress.. But everyone has their own unique way of expressing themselves. Fashion can honestly be whatever you want it to be. Everyone has their own thoughts and different opinions, but what about what YOU think? You need to strut down that street sidewalk in whatever your CONFIDENTLY wearing! You are fashion, make your own style and make them look. 


This is the last and MOST important piece of advice I can give. Believe in YOU. I know you've probably heard that over a million times.. But coming from someone who knows and understands a little on this, I can promise you BELIEVING is key to success, to happiness, love, a long happy life - there's no reason to NOT believe?.. Believe in what you want and CAN do. If you have dreams and desires well GO FOR THEM! YOU LIVE ONCE! Make your life full of happiness and success. Believe you are amazing, because you truly are! 

I wish you all the best!