How it all started..


The beginning of Fall last year, I was going through a tough time.. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life  - what career path would be best for me. I had felt as if I was in a maze and could go one direction, but also could go the other.. I know a lot of young adults go through this struggle of not knowing what to do and it's frustrating for a ton of people.. I didn't expect to know my whole life plan, but I wanted some sort of idea and direction towards something. 

I have always loved photography. The way a camera can capture memories is absolutely incredible to me! It took me seeing a single small rose to really understand the meaning and true depth of photography though. Depth to me, my soul, my future. 

Every plant at this point of the year had slowly gone to sleep and became dark and quiet.. My dad and I were walking down this long pathway Downtown.  We had our hoods on since it was raining. There was an old water fountain and lots of weeds growing up and down along walls through this pathway. I glanced around quickly but something catches my eye.. In a small corner by the fountain I saw a very very small red rose. It was so bright and still full of life. I went to my knees and became mesmerized by its color and liveliness. After taking this picture, I realized a lot in that moment. 

I wanted to change for the better. I wanted to BECOME better. Become alive and free. Just like that flower was in that dead garden of other flowers. I wanted to bring color to other people's life like that flower brought to mine. I know this may sound corny or overly-dramatic to some. But for me, taking the time to notice the little things in life, will change your life.  As most of us today, we're either on our phones or just in "our own world", far far away in deep thought not paying attention..   We all get so caught up in our day-to-day lives and forget to notice the beauty around us. 

After that day, I grew and realized I wanted to show other's the beauty around us. I'll create and bring the beauty to you.  My World becomes your World. 

So the next time, you have the opportunity to go out and explore, keep your eyes open.. You never know what you'll find. 

"Notice the little things that life creates for us to see.”