Hi there, 

My name is Sarah Edwards. 

I am a young woman living on the East Coast expanding my business from one place to another. My current business mainly covers North Carolina North Virginia, and Washington, DC. Living in two places is quite the adventure! You would think being only 5 hours away that there wouldn't be much of a difference.  I've learned so much about being in these places! About people, politics, business, growth, the economy, etc.  Every day is a new day, new adventure! 

I've been passionate with photography and video production for a long time. It all started with using my iPhone to take simple photos of flowers. And from there on, I just wanted to understand and know more about photography alone. To me, having that ability to take a picture and treasure it forever is truly amazing! I began to dabble in video production soon after that, making short films and helping out with local businesses. Between video and photography, it's absolutely endless on what you want to achieve and create.

I don't see myself as a "photographer", nor a "videographer". I create and make other people's creative visions happen! I see myself as an artist. What I do is a form of art I feel. 

 I spend a lot of time with my family, enjoy the outdoors, and love discovering new places and people! 

Please explore other sections of my website and for any questions, contact me anytime. Thank you for visiting SarahEdwards.World 

Photography & Video by Sarah Edwards


Email: Sarah@sarahedwards.world
Cell: (919-917-5411) 

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